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 We specialize in soil preservation

Ambient temperature stabilization of microbial RNA in soil

Soil preservation backed by science

Previously known as Lifeguard

About Us

Our soil preservation solution is a specially formulated product that protects the viability of bacteria in soil while keeping them in stasis. This solution can be used for the collection and transport of soils needed for RNA or DNA extraction. RNase and DNase activity is prevented, which allows for accurate, full length cDNA synthesis and 16s rRNA profiling on samples collected in the field under many conditions. Microbial community profiles are maintained in soils stabilized with TerraGuard Soil Preservation Solution for up to 30 days at –15°C to –30°C, 2 weeks at 2–8°C, and 1 week at room temperature. RNA integrity is maintained for up to 30 days at room temperature.

Our solution has been thoroughly tested and used in research studies worldwide.  
Our solution was previously sold under the name of Lifeguard

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